Know your options.


option-shortblockOPTION: OEM SHORTBLOCK

*incl. labor and required parts


Your Best Option:

option-bestSold as a longblock engine, on exchange with fast and fair core evaluation.
1-5 days delivery nationwide.
12 months or 12000 miles Limited Warranty.


  • NEW All Internal Gaskets and Seals
  • NEW Camshaft Position Sensors
  • NEW Camshaft Solenoids
  • NEW Camshaft Sprocket Bolts
  • NEW Connecting Rod Bolts
  • NEW Coolant Temperature Sensor
  • NEW Crankcase Bolts
  • NEW Cylinder Head Bolts
  • NEW Hydraulic Valve Lifters
  • NEW Nickies™ Cylinder Sleeves
  • GENUINE IMS Retrofit™
  • NEW Knock Sensors
  • NEW Main Bearings
  • NEW Oil Cooler
  • NEW Oil Drain Plug (LN Magnetic
  • NEW Oil Filler Pipe
  • NEW Oil Filter
  • NEW Oil Filter Cover Cap
  • NEW Oil Pressure Switch
  • NEW Oil Separator
  • NEW Oil Temperature Sensor
  • NEW Piston Rings
  • NEW Reference Mark Sensor
  • NEW Rod Bearings
  • NEW Spark Plugs
  • NEW Thermostat (Low Temp)
  • NEW Timing Chains
  • NEW Timing Chain Tensioners
  • NEW Valve Cover Bolts
  • NEW Valve Guides
  • NEW Water Pump


RND cylinder heads benefit from years of experience with thousands of Porsche heads rebuilt by our specialists to date. 100% of components are tested, reconditioned, or replaced and feature multi-angle Serdi valve job with racing guides, Viton seals, and critical surfaces are diamond milled, exceeding original manufacturer specifications.


RND Engines are never just re-ringed or have single cylinder repairs as most engines are not suitable for rebuilding without re-sleeving. RND Engines exclusively use LN Engineering’s proven aluminum NSC-plated sleeves which exceed the strength and longevity of the original cylinders.


RND Engines use only NEW or OE used cranks from engines that have not suffered any failure and meet strict RND standards. RND cranks are not cut, welded, or repaired to fix damage or to use undersize bearings that weaken the crankshaft. RND Engines only use Genuine Porsche bearings.