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  1. Nickies™ Cylinder Sleeves by LN Engineering
  2. Intermediate shaft bearing upgraded with IMS Retrofit
  3. Rebuilt using high-quality OEM and genuine replacement parts
  4. PCA Club Racing legal

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  • *One to one exchange by original specific engine designation
  • Fast and fair core evaluation
  • 1 year / 12k miles warranty

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Direct replacement engine exchange program specific to Porsche model years 1997-2008 M96/97 Engines, covering the popular Boxster, Carrera, and Cayman models.

RND Engines program is the result of a cooperation between the industry’s leading European repair specialists and leading European parts supplier, SSF. The combined knowledge and expertise in engineering and engine rebuilding is what sets RND Engines apart in the aftermarket.

The mission of RND Engines is to supply the aftermarket the most updated, reliable, and absolute highest quality M96/97 exchange engines at a fair price. RND Engines are built for the car owner passionate about their vehicle, and an owner that wants to keep their vehicle operating at the highest standards. With no corners cut or details overlooked, RND engines simply offer a high-quality alternative and ultimate peace of mind.

All RND Engines are equipped with Nickies™ Performance Cylinder Sleeves and the original IMS Retrofit™




Engines available through RND Direct Replacement Program:

Part #




10.5240.101 M96.20 2.5 Liter 97-99 Boxster
10.5240.102 M96.22 2.7 Liter 00-02 Boxster
10.5240.103 M96.23 2.7 Liter 03-04 Boxster
10.5240.104 M96.25 2.7 Liter 05-06 Boxster
10.5240.105 M97.20 2.7 Liter 07-08 Boxster, 08 Boxster Limited Edition, 07-08 Cayman
10.5240.106 M96.21 3.2 Liter 00-02 Boxster S
10.5240.107 M96.24 3.2 Liter 03-04 Boxster S, 04 Boxster S Special Edition
10.5240.108 M96.26 3.2 Liter 05-06 Boxster S

Part #




10.5240.111 M96.01 3.4 Liter 99 Carrera, Carrera 4
10.5240.112 M96.02 3.4 Liter 99 Carrera, Carrera 4
10.5240.113 M96.04 3.4 Liter 00-01 Carrera, Carrera 4
10.5240.109 M97.21 3.4 Liter 07-08 Boxster S, 08 Boxster S Limited Edition, 06-08 Cayman S
10.5240.114 M96.03 3.6 Liter 02-05 Carrera (996), 02-04 Carrera 4, 02-05 Carrera 4S
10.5240.115 M96.05 3.6 Liter 05-08 Carrera (997), 06-08 Carrera 4, 07-08 Targa 4
10.5240.116 M97.01 3.8 Liter 05-08 Carrera S, 06-08 Carrera 4S, 07-08 Targa 4S